blauwe tas afbeelding Nord Piano 3


Nord Piano 3

With outstanding new keyboard technology, improved grand weighted action and expanded memory for the exclusive Nord Piano Library - the Nord Piano 3 takes piano feel and realism to a new level.

The new Virtual Hammer Action Technology simulates the movement of the hammers in a Grand Piano, capturing the characteristics with exceptional dynamics and breathtaking level of authenticity.

Main features

•88-note Triple Sensor keybed with improved grand weighted action
•Nord Virtual Hammer Action Technology for greatly improved key response
•OLED-display for better overview
•1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library
•256 MB for Nord Sample Library
•Layer and split-functionality
•Nord Triple Pedal

Piano Section
•4 Dynamic Curves
•Dynamic Pedal Noise with Nord Triple Pedal
•Advanced String Resonance (Gen 2)
•Soft Release
Main features

Sample Synth
•Dedicated Sample Synth section with Attack, Decay/Release and dynamic controls

•All effects in Stereo
•Tube overdrive simulation
•Vibe effect
•Separate Reverb/Delay effects
•Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod and Wah-wah can be controlled with Control Pedal

€ 2199,00